About us

About Jqueendirect

About Jqueendirect

Jqueendirect only originality adhere to the beginner’s mind. Our mission at Jqueendirect is to provide the quality Watch Winders, Safes, Watch Boxes Jewelry Storage and all kind of Box Personal to our customers with the good service.

  • Go for the Ideal

    Today, Jqueendirect is actively developing watch rollers and watch stand-related products to meet more customer needs.

  • Achievement of Custmers Happiness

    Jqueendirect has the patience to guide and delivery goods to home and one-stop five-star service. 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

  • Work Harder and Harder

    Jqueendirect has established a partnership with a number of watch counters. Jqueendirect companies on the design, development, production and sales as one of professional firms. Exported around the world.